Second Bite
Community Food Delivery Program
Every Thursday morning for over 2 years now the Rotary Club of North Balwyn has been involved in the transporting boxes of fresh food from the 2nd Bite warehouse in Heidelberg West to the Camcare Community Centre in Camberwell.
Second Bite (2nd Bite) exists to provide access to fresh surplus food from across the retail food network and redistributes it free of charge to more than 1300 charities around the country providing food relief to people in need.
It was started in 2005 by one couple Ian and Simone Carson, co-opting a committed group of friends who would visit market stalls, collect surplus food and drop it off to a local charity that ran a food program.
Camcare is a not for profit community based organisation assisting people from Boroondara and neighbouring areas who are facing personal hardship, and is part of the Access Health & Community group.
Our participation has entailed a roster of 10 Rotarians who use their own vehicles, be it a station wagon or more often a SUV hatch.
Boxes of food are picked up from 2nd Bite at about 8.30am and transported to the Camcare Community Centre in Camberwell.
The volunteers at Camcare sort out the food into family sized parcels for handing out to the needy that gather at the Centre at 10.30am every Thursday.
The food is predominately fresh fruit and vegetables, but also can include juices, cheeses, yoghurt and bread.
The needy recipients are given a number and are called up in an orderly fashion and normally have a cup of tea and a chat with others who are in a similar situation.
Most of the food is normally at the `just in time` stage or surplus stock and is recovered from Coles and other retailers and from OZ Harvest, and otherwise could have gone to landfill.
It is a particularly important program at this time when many families are under financial stress.
It is another great community service that Rotarians can provide and a good image relationship builder for Rotary in the Community.
Second Bite Warehouse Loaded Vehicle Camcare Distribution Centre