Our Past Exchange Students
Our Club has hosted many Youth Exchange Students over past years - here is some information about what they are doing now.
Clarisse B from France
Hi Everyone !
I want to start by saying I miss you all so much, I still think about you and Australia a lot. This experience made me grow so much and allowed me to become the person I am today. And for that I’m really thankful to the club of North Balwyn for hosting me, to the Rotary for creating such an amazing program and most importantly to all the people (you will recognize yourself) who made this year so special.
A lot have happened since I came back from my exchange. I am now 22, I left my parents’ place a few years ago and now live in a small apartment in Besancon.  It’s a beautiful city right here : (and just an hour away from my parents).  You are all very welcome if you ever want to visit the area!
My dad is still a farmer and my mum still a nurse.
My sister is a scientist, she works in a ice cream company in Brest (in Brittany), but she really wants to travel and hope to discover and maybe live in New Zealand in 2019.
My Brother is studying marketing, business management in Besançon (same city as me) and will leave for Canada in January 2019 and study there for 6 months.
When I came back to France, I continued to be part of a scout group, and I became a scout leader with some friends. We organized different camps for 3 years. We stopped in 2018 because we didn’t have enough time with our studies.