Indigenous Project
Donation of Hearing Equipment for Remote Indigenous Communities
Our club has donated funds to purchase much needed essential hearing analysis equipment to the CRE_ICHEAR for use within Indigenous communities in the Northern Territory.
CRE_ICHEAR Director Professor Amanda Leach had the pleasure of speaking at a weekly meeting in July and presented an overview of the CRE’s research findings. Rotary Club members were astonished to hear that only 18% of indigenous children appear to have “normal” hearing and there is an association between ear issues and poor school attendance, achievement and involvement with the police.
Our Club has generously donated $7,500 worth of hearing testing equipment, which is to remain on-site with trained indigenous Community Ear Health Facilitators. This will provide a remote Indigenous community with the means to follow up on existing ear health issues and evaluate children as they become part of the community.    
The CRE_ICHEAR is thrilled to have developed this new partnership with the Rotary Club of North Balwyn and look forward to updating its members on the installation, training and use of the equipment in the community. We encourage all our CRE_ICHEAR members to engage with their local communities to let them know about the difference that can be made to Indigenous children’s ear and hearing health through research and research translation.