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North Balwyn Rotary

The Rotary Club of North Balwyn is a dynamic and social club made up of a diverse group of members whose aim is to build stronger communities both locally and globally. We work towards this goal through a variety of projects that range from helping the elderly and disabled in our local community in tending their gardens through to providing farming equipment or books for disadvantaged towns in Vietnam, the Solomon Islands and Indonesia.

One of the largest clubs in Melbourne, the Rotary Club of North Balwyn was established over 30 years ago and continues to play an active part in the community. Meetings are at the Kew Golf Club each Thursday night from 6pm and we are always looking for new members. If you are interested in joining a Rotary club or just want to find out a little bit more about what we do, please have a look at our memberships page to find out how you can get involved. Alternatively, why not get in contact with one of our members and come along to one of our meetings?


Club History

The Rotary Club of North Balwyn has become one of the most vibrant and active Rotary Clubs in Australia.

Service to the community, both locally and internationally, has been the main thrust of the activities of the Club. The funding for such programs is obtained by outstanding fellowship activities involving all members and partners. The high standards set and demanded throughout the Club’s 32 years history have assured success in all avenues of Rotary service.

Since the Club was chartered on 8 May 1980, over 200 Rotarians have been members of North Balwyn and each one has contributed to the club’s growth and development over the past 32 years.

The Club’s history is a reflection of the club’s personality, its culture and its endeavour to be a good community and international citizen and in this respect it can be very proud of its collective record.

Early in 1979-80, the then District Governor J. R. (Jack) Nankervis of the Rotary Club of Melbourne North requested the Rotary Club of Balwyn to sponsor a new Rotary club based in the North Balwyn area and asked P.P. J.D. (Duncan) McKenzie to be his special representative to oversee the formation of the new club.

Duncan invited a group of potential members to an inaugural “interest” meeting at the North Balwyn Senior Citizens’ Centre in Marwal Avenue, North Balwyn on Thursday 10 April 1980. Some 40 attended the meeting where Duncan and members of the Balwyn Club explained their intention to set-up a new club and invited those present to become Charter Members.

Encouraged by the active interest shown, heightened by the fact that many of those present had already been members of APEX, Duncan invited those interested to a second “Interest” meeting. This meeting was rather an “organisational” meeting and was held on 24 April 1980. Thirty-three of the potential members accepted the invitation to join the proposed club, and an application was made to Rotary International to charter the new club.

The “Provisional Rotary Club of North Balwyn” came into being and the Club was to meet on Thursday evenings each week.

The signed Charter was received on 8 May 1980 at which time the word ”Provisional” was dropped from the club’s title and we officially became the “Rotary Club of North Balwyn”.

The formalities of setting up the Club were completed at a Charter Presentation Night held at the Camberwell Civic Centre on Thursday, 29 May 1980.

Following this Charter Presentation Night, the Club settled down to its regular Thursday night meetings. Charter President Stan Hibbert announced that the Club’s theme was to be “Fellowship and Communication through Service”.

Since its chartering, the number of members has steadily increased and has consistently been between 80 and 95 members, ensuring that there are enough members to operate effectively. Paramount is the challenge to ensure that new members are integrated rapidly and that the channels of communication are effectively maintained and improved.

Whilst Rotary was formed as a “male only” organisation, things changed and in 1996, the Club welcomed its first “lady” member, and has since welcomed an increasing number of ladies into membership of our Club.

In its 32 year history, the Club has undertaken a wide range of community service projects – both local and international – and a diverse calendar of social and fellowship activities aimed at providing the opportunity for members and their families to enjoy each other’s company.